Summer is coming soon and we are searching for people interested in becoming a Zombie Surf Co Sales Rep. We would love to expand our family owned company to your home lakes and help people improve their surfing ability. You will be able to get access to Chris Wolter as he will be helping you over the phone or txt  improving your wake surfing ability, with a bunch of tips and short cuts to learn tricks faster. As well you can help us spread our company to your home lake and make some extra cash. If interested please contact via email for more info

As well we will be starting our end of winter sale. We are offering surfboards for $200 – $300 off a custom hand shaped zombie board. If your ready to get your new board for the summer contact us via email or instagram. Remember if we don’t have the board in stock, it may take 1 – 2 weeks to be hand shaped before shipped. So don’t wait too long to get your new surfboard started.


Thanks for reading tomorrow I have a exciting new blog for you guys about our non profit organization that will be having 3 events this year to help veterans and disabled kids and give them a fun day on the lake.

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