In 2018 our first event for WWSL was a huge success. It took place on a private lake in Lathrop, Ca. We had 9 participants, 38 family members, and 30 volunteers. We wanted to to give back to the community and help veterans and disabled kids by giving them the chance to have a fun day on the lake. It was a huge success because a couple of them were even able to wake surf. After the fun day on the lake we took group photos and had a blast eating lunch talking about the day. Everyone was stoked out of there minds which was awesome to see.

We are continuing our growth in 2020 to have 3 events this year to give back to the community. Our next event will be at Lake Camp Far West in Northern California Β on May 14th – 17th. We will be renting out camp sites for a fun day on the lake with your family. This event will include a competition , wake surf lessons by Chris Wolter, and our special needs and adaptive surfing. It will be an awesome event to camp on the lake and wake surf for 3 days. If your interested in joining please contact and we can get your name in the event.

Below I will attach a bunch of pictures from our first event as well as add a link to our website below. On our website is all of our information on what we are doing next and will provide a bunch of info of how to join us. If you would like to see more pictures from the event, check out our website in the link below for all the awesome photos.

Zombie Surf Company is the main sponsor behind all of these events and will be donating wake surf boards to demo as well as giving out wake surf lessons. Zombie Surf Company will also be donating paddle boards for day use around the camp site.

You don’t want to miss out on this camping trip remember if your interested please email

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