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Watersports and wake surfing involve inherent risks of serious injury or death. To increase your enjoyment of the sport and to reduce your risks, use common sense and follow these guidelines: Familiarize yourself with all applicable federal, state and local laws, the risks inherent in the sport and the proper use of equipment. Know the waterways and always have a person other than the boat driver as an observer.

Equipment and Towrope

always wear a U.S. Coast Guard Type III (PFD) vest. Inspect all equipment prior to use. Check board, fins, and floatation device prior to each use and DO NOT USE if damaged. Use proper tow rope for activity. Ensure rope is free from all body parts prior to starting out or during use. Keep persons and ropes away from propeller when engine is running, even if in neutral. Should rope become entangled in propeller, SHUT OFF ENGINE AND REMOVE IGNITION KEY BEFORE RETRIEVING ROPE.

Liability and suitability of use

Activities involving the use of Wake Surfboards by Zombie Surf Co. products assume the risk of bodily injury arising from those activities. Wake Surfboards by Zombie Surf Co. is not liable to the users of third parties for any incidental or consequential damages, including damages for personal injury, beyond the responsibility Wake Surfboards by Zombie Surf Co. assumes for replacement or repair of its products subject to the conditions set forth herein.

How to care for your board

It is best to keep your board out of the sun for long periods of time. We recommend a protective bag for your board; it helps keep it from becoming scratched, protects it from the sun and may protect the boat as well. Inspect your board for damage every time you ride. Check the fins to make sure they are tight. Fins do not float. All fins are included with original packaging. Gasoline, oils, and most other petroleum products are bad for your board. Do not let your board come in contact with any of these chemicals. These products can attack some types of plastics and epoxies causing structural failure.


Once a Board has been paid for and money is sent to the shaper no refund will be given at that point. If you want refund, you would have to request it before I send money to shaper for the board to be made.

If a refund is given the amount received will be refunded.

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