Zombie Team Riders

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Pro Team

Chris Wolter

Age: 23

Board: 4’7” Next Level

Home Lake: Delta, Northern California

Favorite Boat to Ride: Malibu

Favorite Trick: Air 360

Jessica Bettencourt

Age: 35
Board: 4'6" Infection
favorite boat: Centurion Ri257

Amateur Team

Adam Ellis

Age: 40

Board: 4’5 Hybrid

Home Lake : Lake Folsom

Favorite Boat: Mastercraft X23

Favorite Trick: Alley Op

John Michael

Age: 38

Board: 4’6” Next Level

Home lake: Rolins Lake

Favorite Boat: Moomba

Favorite Trick: Alley Op

Alfonso Maciel

Age: 34
Favorite Lake: Delta
Favorite Boat: Centurion Ri257
Board: 4’7” Next Level Suspension
Favorite Trick: 360

Tommy Darnell

Age: 13
Boat: Tomcat F21
Favorite Lake: Lake Berryessa
Board: Next Level Suspension 4'4"
Favorite Trick: 36o and airs

Blake Decker

Age: 12
Favorite Lake: Lake Minnetonka
Favorite Boat: G23
Board: Give me some tree bark ( 4’7” suspension Next Level )
Favorite Trick: 360

Dillion Sauvageau

Age: 9
Boat: Supra SA450
Lake: Orville
Board: Next Level Suspension 4'2'
Favorite Trick: Surf and pop shuvs and airs