What makes the Suspension board the most high performance wakesurf board in the market?

Thanks to our shaper David Vernor, who invented the suspension system. Since this is our newest 2019 board we can’t give out too much information on how these boards are made. But I will tell you why this board is so special.

The Suspension board is not like an ordinary surfboard. This surfboard doesn’t flex like a normal surfboard would. Giving you direct speed and also giving you an extra boost in the air. By the board not flexing it allows the rider to get more speed out of one pump than 3 pumps on a non suspension board.

Which makes learning tricks easier, giving you more air time , and more speed when recovering back into the wave. This has been tested by multiple beginner, intermediate, and pro riders to determine that this is the most high performance wakesurf board in the market.

Its a $200 add on which makes the board come out to be $900 – $1,000 which its the competing price of anyother custom wakesurf board company.

So its a no brainer if your looking for the best board in the wakesurf market!

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