Had an Epic day on Lake Berryessa yesterday with the MB Boat Owners Club check them out on facebook. If you have an MB Boats you should definitely hit them up. They are a bunch of cool awesome people and I’m glad to call them my friends. The weather was perfect throughout the day, had a light breeze but still was hott! Video will be coming soon shortly but for right now you can check out some fun pictures.


  • John Kowalski says:

    It was a great day! The day went fast. We started at 8am and we got off the water at 5pm. Didnt realize it was that late.
    Everybody rode. Water was 63 degrees air temp was 73.
    Chris and zombie boards are awesome too watch on thr water.
    Chris is one of the best riders i gave watched ride. And the boards are top notch.

    We had a blast
    With the Christman crew.
    The Jeff O crew.
    And the Wolter Zombie Crew.

    We also finished the day off with a nice bbq and discussions of the day.

    We will definitely do this again soon.
    The Kowalski Crew

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